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2021 Rosé

Medium-bodied yet light, dry and crisp. The expressive aromas of juicy strawberries and melon are laced with a subtle hint of violet, transporting us to dream of the warm and sunny days ahead. The bold flavors of red fruit berries, white cherry, and hibiscus layer seamlessly with the lingering white spice finish.



Making Rosé at BAV:

Rosé is actually one of the most simple wines we make at BAV, but it is also the most fragile. During harvest, when we bring in a load of a red variety (typically Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, or Malbec), we immediately put it in a tank and bleed off around 20% of the juice specifically for rosé. The other 80% is left in the tank with 100% of the skins, making our red wines more complex and concentrated. We take that 20%, put it in a tank, and let it ferment on its own as if it were a white wine, stirring it in the winter and then bottling it in the spring. So where does the fragile part come in? We have to be careful with every step of the process. If not handled carefully, we will lose the pink color, pretty aroma, and robust flavors. As Ed always says, a good rosé is meant to cleanse the palate – the tenth sip should taste just as good as the first. And so that is our goal with every vintage we make!

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