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The Albariño Viejo is light on acidity and swirling with tropical notes of pineapple, starfruit, and kiwi with an underlying hint of fresh herbs.

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SKU: 2020AlbarinoViejo

Our 2020 Barrel-Fermented Viognier is a complex white wine that hits all the notes: lovely perfumed aromas featuring floral and stone fruits, citrus, vanilla, and a lush, creamy palate.

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SKU: 2020BFViog

Looking for a white wine that is “something different?”  Look no further than our 2020 Beldam - blended from a mix of white wine grapes with origins in several different countries, these grapes come together harmoniously with great texture, palate weight, and fresh lovely flavors and aromas. 

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SKU: 2020Bedlam

Easy drinking and complex, the 2020 Passeggiata is a medium-bodied red wine that offers tart red berries, along with some earthy notes, spice, vanilla, and creamy caramel with a finish that is laced with minerality and pepper spice that compliments the bright acidity of this wine.  

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SKU: 2020Pass

The 2019 Crumbling Rock is a Bordeaux-style blend that is full-bodied and very approachable now but can age well for years ahead. There is plenty of interesting aromas and flavors of rich dark fruits and berries that meld seamlessly with spice, sweet wood notes, and tobacco.  

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SKU: 2019CrumblingRock

It's a Bordeaux-style blend with an expressive nose that features dark fruit and berry, sweet wood, toasty vanilla, tobacco, and floral aromas. This vintage shows juicy acidity with a lingering finish of peppery spice.

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SKU: Slate7

The Black Ankle Estate is a Bordeaux-blend in the tradition of Crumbling Rock and Slate, but with even greater aromas, richness, and complexity.  Our flagship Bordeaux-style wine is exquisitely concentrated and intricate now but will be at its peak drinking potential after years of aging.

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SKU: 2017BAE

Just in time for those holiday desserts or for sitting by the fire after the food is put away, our Terra Dulce IX is a warm and lingering port-style wine that’s great for savoring. 

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