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Help Black Ankle Stamp Out Hunger!

The Baltimore Hunger Project is an organization which was founded to bridge the weekend hunger gap for children who rely on school meals for much of their nourishment each week. The questions of race and poverty in our country are extremely complicated and will need addressing from many angles and with much creativity, but we are great believers that it is very hard to make any positive progress in life if you are hungry.  We believe that one of the first steps towards greater equity in our country is to make sure children are fed.  To that end, we are raising funds to support the Baltimore Hunger Project.  They are currently providing meals to many children who have lost access to school meals due to COVID closures.  While poverty and hunger are issues for many, they disproportionally hit African American children. 

If you make a donation in support of the Baltimore Hunger Project you can “buy” naming rights on one of the pavers that we are making in the new Black Ankle Patio.  $300 gets you a big block, $200 a medium block, and $100 a small block.  We will mark the block with a simple picture you send (like a heart, sun, or clover), your name or initials – just let us know what you would like.  The blocks are small and we are writing them by hand, so the biggest of the blocks can only take up to 8 letters, medium blocks 5 letters, and small blocks 3 letters. If you happen to be at the farm on a day that we are making blocks, we can arrange to have you decorate your own block, but our work schedule for this, as with everything else, is driven by what is happening in the vineyards, so we are not making any promises on that score! 

After your donation is made, Zoe will reach out to confirm what you would like your block to say. You can also make the donation directly and just forward a receipt or picture to (dated today or later!). Have another favorite hunger related charity that you would like to support?  No problem, just make your donation there and send the info to us.   

The paving of the patio is moving along quickly, so all donations will need to be submitted by Friday, July 17th.