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2020 Bedlam

The perfect white wine for hot summer's day, it is swirling with lovely floral, citrus, melon, and peach flavors with a touch of zesty acidity and mineral-driven backbone.

All About Bedlam: 

Our 2020 Bedlam is a co-fermented wine made from the second pressings of each of our different white wine grapes that we grow on the property. Coming from the second press, the wine that results is richer and weightier on the palate and the co-fermentation ensures that the flavors are well integrated in the wine. Look for heady aromas, ripe, round fruit flavors, and a lush weighty body that segues to a lingering finish with mineral, lime zest, and spice. The wine pairs nicely with roasted poultry dishes, lighter meats, or even Asian dishes.

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