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Ed Boyce
April 30, 2019 | Ed Boyce

Spring Newsletter 2019

Dear Wine Club Members,

Heads up, some gratitude coming your way:    Spring at Black Ankle Vineyards is a time of rebirth – vines waken after a long winter’s sleep, new wines get blended and bottled, and new ideas hatched over the winter break get trialed in the vineyard and winery.  But for many of us personally it is also the season of reunions, at which we get to look back on life at schools attended long ago and see what has transpired in the lives of old friends.  Many of them have gone on to do interesting and fulfilling things, but every time I go to a reunion I am reminded that I have a really, really great job.
Working in the vineyard lets me get dirty, sun-tanned and tired after a long day, while working in the winery around the smells and tastes of wine all day is a great pleasure.  Then I get to work with some of the finest employees we could ever ask for to create a special experience for our customers, whose smiles light up our tasting room.  Every day brings a new challenge, so it never gets boring.  How great is that!  I just wanted to use this space to express my gratitude to you, our wine club members, for supporting us in our journey to build a world class winery in Maryland.  As a result of your loyalty and patronage, we get to hire some phenomenal employees, work outside in the most beautiful “office” imaginable, and go home at the end of the day exhausted but fiercely proud.  You have our eternal gratitude.
Ed and (Sarah)


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